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Home Delivery

home delivery
Oberweis delivers hundreds of farm fresh products to homes in your neighborhood every week! We feature gently pasteurized milk in reusable 1/2 Gallon and Quart glass bottles, super premium ice cream, and dairy products sourced on small family farms. From our sustainably raised grass-fed beef, chicken, pork as well as premium selections of seafood, we've got your food delivery covered from breakfast to dessert.
Farm fresh goodness is waiting just outside your front door!
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One Taste and it Makes Sense

Simplicity is at the heart of every bottle of Oberweis milk because less processing leaves more room for flavor and delivers a healthier product that's better for your family. That means no artificial hormones, like bovine growth hormones, are permitted on our farms and you won't find added preservatives in our milk. We gently heat our milk to the minimum temperature to retain the most nutrients. We call this gentle pasteurization, and you'll taste the benefits! But none of this matters unless your milk is fresh, so we receive milk fresh from farms every single day of the year. It's processed, bottled and delivered to your doorstep or dairy aisle. Healthier, tastier, fresher milk that's what has made the Oberweis name the most trusted in dairy since 1927.
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Did You Know?

Oberweis milk is free of artificial growth hormones, minimally processed, and rBGH free.
We gently pasteurize our milk in small batches to retain the maximum nutrients and flavor.
Our farmers provide milk free of antibiotics.
Our 1/2 Gallon and Quart glass bottles are reusable and are friendly to the environment.
Sourced from family farms.

Where Oberweis Home Delivery Is Available

Oberweis is proud to offer Home Delivery Services throughout the Midwest in Northern and Central Illinois; Central Indiana; St. Louis, Missouri; South-Central Wisconsin; the metropolitan area surrounding Detroit, Michigan; To find out if we deliver in your neighborhood, please click below and enter your address.

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