Discover the best tasting milk.

Simplicity is at the heart of every bottle of Oberweis milk because less processing leaves more room for flavor and delivers a healthier product that's better for your family. That means no artificial hormones, like bovine growth hormones, are permitted on our farms and no added preservatives or antibiotics are ever found in our milk. We gently heat our milk to the minimum temperature to retain the most nutrients. We call this gentle pasteurization, and you'll taste the benefits! But none of this matters unless your milk is fresh, so we pick up our milk from our farms every single day of the year and it is processed, bottled and delivered to your doorstep, often within 36 hours of milking. Healthier, tastier, fresher milk - that's what has made the Oberweis name the most trusted in dairy since 1927.

Crafting premium milk since 1927

rBST Free

Reusable glass bottle

Small family farms

Treat the cows right and they
do the same for you.

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Freshness is a process,
a very short one.

Our minimal processing results in the purest milk.

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Oberweis milk

The easiest part of parenting.

Farmer's Pledge

We, the families who care for cows that produce milk for Oberweis Dairy, are proud to pledge that we will:

Never use artificial growth hormones.

Only provide milk that is free of antibiotics.
If a cow gets sick, we will treat her back to health using the best available medicines but not use her milk again until it is free of antibiotics.

Treat our cows humanely.

Do nothing different than if our children and families were drinking all of the milk we produce.
We pledge all of this so that your family can drink Oberweis milk with confidence. We understand that if we fail to meet these obligations, we will no longer have the privilege of providing milk to Oberweis Dairy.

Is Oberweis
milk organic?

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Our glass

Great taste requires great care, that's why our milk will always taste so pure and refreshing. Our iconic bottle helps keep it that way because glass is a better insulator than plastic or cardboard, so your milk stays colder, longer and tastes fresh from the first glass to the last. And with family farms producing the highest quality dairy, you'll always have the best tasting milk on your table. How refreshing.

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